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       Behind the blue eyes of this Humboldt County born Native American is an authentic and wise perspective of the world.   Yurok was previously known as the artist B!LL.  The name Yurok derives from his ancestral heritage of the Yurok tribe of Northern California.  He also descends from the Tolowa tribe of Northern California.   

The quality and range of Yurok's talents knows no bounds as he vocalizes to genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Trap to Blues and EDM.  Yurok can and will sing in almost all spectrum's of music.  His mission is pure, create quality music for the world to enjoy, all while spreading love and good vibes to those that crave energy and inspiration to get them through any of life's obstacles.  Yurok's debut single "Honest ft. Christina Reyes" is merely a teaser for what is to come of his music career.  His new EP "O.T.R."  is out now on all major platforms.  Catch Yurok performing at various venues around California and Las Vegas.  Go to his IG or schedule below for more info!  

Yurok understands that we are all in this together. So in order to create global cohesiveness, He’ll continue to do what he does best by creating quality music for the world to enjoy one song at a time.


Be A Part Of The Movement 

    B.A.C. The Label (Big Ass Chest) is the formal name of the Team that Yurok collaborates with. It ultimately means that no matter what we do, we do it with our hearts.  

    It also encompasses the energy we carry with us at all times, especially when making music and performing.  Our cohesive team has built itself upon core values that we instill in our music, shows and how we project ourselves in this world on a daily basis.  These values are Love, Trust, Passion, and Unity. 

     B.A.C. is not just a music label it's a way of life, it's about having swagger, confidence, heart, and ultimately being proud of who YOU are and the world WE live in. When you associate yourself with B.A.C. The Label you stand for something bigger than yourself, you stand to make a positive impact in this world.

      B.A.C.'s motto is Believe In Loving Life.  Love will always prevail and with all the chaos going on in the world it's more important now than ever to Believe In Loving Life.  This is the only choice we have, let's make a difference. 



Have any questions for Yurok and B.A.C. The Label? 

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